Friday, January 30, 2009

random pic


Thursday, January 29, 2009

suede flat shoes black in color


im looking for that kind of shoes

i seem like mcm senang nk cari tp its hard xtau dh nk cari kt mna

i looks simple xde la berat2 sgt design die

coz i prefer yg simple n most importantly it is flat shoes

mostly shoe yg jmpe kt kedai2 tu xbest n die plastic

i want to find suede flat shoes anybody??help me

dh pegi bnyk kedai but still xjmpe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...huhu

i still like buttonmybuttons shoes
tp sold out!

taken from here


today wake up the early morning(p/s xde la early sgt pn..)
go cycling with mr.b
supposely yesterday but we hv 2 cancelled it actually not we but him

so so bored actually ,we juz cycling around my taman area sahaja!

becoz theres a lot of anjing berjoging2(merayau) di pagi hari

n he came late!!janji pukul 730am but he came at 8am ++ aish...

but nvr mind la at least we finally can cycling 2gether..huhu

yeah bnde yg belum buat lg iaitu yup done!

then after cycling, we lepaking at mamak stall

juz order drinks coz we actually not really into breakfast thing..takut terberon...haha

so then borak2...n gaduh2 sket...then blk at 1030am

so next saya teringin nk mkn keropok super ring bersama mr.b ;)

npe super ring??

ntah i dun know either.saje suke2
so 2ngu jerk!

Friday, January 16, 2009

gambar yang ke 3

gambar bersama yg ke 3 since 21october 2007

gambar bersama yg ke 2

gambar bersama yg pertama

so motif??
hurm..conclusion : we dun hv much picture 2gether ;(

so what??

what that i've done last week

sory coz lame x update blog

since dh start blaja ni agak kelam kabut sket plus wit aktiviti kolej n some more xdpt wifi for almost 1week .sgt tension...actually bnyk bnde nk update but ble internet xde cam mls la plak.haha...

ok la i just brief what i've done last week



kinda excited coz i been waiting for the event for quite long time n finally i manage to go there after my ko-k class at 12noon

c00l event,lots of stuff and activity there but my fav is the creative mafia coz i can sh0pping ;)or juz 'cuci mata' la with their beautiful design and artworks.they r very talented ...yup really love their artworks.goooood job guys!!

A lot of people there and the cool thing is i think this youth event is the only event yg the largest event in msia n malay,chinese and indian gather together for one event.coz mostly event2 ni selalunya malay yg participate more than other races rite??correct me if im wrong...

so cool....


so tired

i manage to buy juz 2 things.haha
so rambang mata.xtau nk pilih ape.