Saturday, February 21, 2009

photography class

every saturday i hv to attend photography class

and these all my work for tis week

so i can't wait to go to sabah for field work of this course!!weee~~


p/s im just using the ordinary digital camera...dslr coming soon!..huuuu~~n of coz i can't beat my lecture's dslr d300..huhu

Friday, February 20, 2009

upu ipin or upin ipin??

Last friday TR'ians go out to watch gang movie

i used to get wrong about the title of the story whether it is upu ipin or upin
ipin..haha dun know y...

but the only thing i know is that the story satisfied me

it's really cool story line not bad la cite ni...the animation also quite good

hmm ya...ade suspens scene,funny,cute hmm ade la touching2 sket..huhu

so those who not yet watchin tat movie or want to release tension with a lot of

asssignmt that u guys hv take a break and enjoy the movie :D

to malaysian production team of this movie keep it up the good work guys!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

class autocad

my work...
try to improve my drawing :D
the tyres seem like weirdo..haha

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


H E | | o

saya telah ditag oleh my clasmate yg always buat2 bunyi bersin ala2 cute gitu...wahaha..jgn mare :P ruby

Use google,etc to search for the answers to the questions below.
then you must choose a picture in the first page of result and post it as your answer

1)age on my next bday

i want cuppie for my birthday plz :D

2)place of interest

nigiara waterfall

3)fav food
xtau mknn fav time lapar bru tau suke mkn pe.huhu

but mama slalu msk ni utk kami :D

and satu lg putu the most favourite kueh in my life!!!waa...haha
excited gle

4)fav color

5)i was born in

KL ites'

6)bad habit

love to cry :D
since kecik lagi always nanges sampai pg berubat pn also cannot stop..haha

7)college major

8)name of my love :D:D:D:D

no more secret...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

le love

check out tis blog

really cool photos that they hv...

especially to those who r in love,romantic,sweet,sexy...haha

Friday, February 13, 2009

chill out wit bestie~~

hey watsup guys
last monday on public holiday(thaipusam)
suddenly i got text from nadia she want to hangout out wit me tat day.on the spot.huhushe use to be like that plan on the spot!so she came to kajang by ktm then our bestie ed pick up her at the ktm station and then they head up to UKM to pick up me.Actually we also dun know where we should go.So on the spot we juz says go to alamanda lah!haha coz tat day sangat lapar.So usually we used to eat at MCd but since we're boycott all israel product so we juz ate at the food court.haha poor us!! no no poor them(palestine) if we ate the Mcd we contribute to the israil.Ahh shit la...Thanks god we still got plenty of food and not depending wit those s*** products.yeah...proud to be msian =).sokong la makanan buatan we ate at the food court .yeah sangat best sebab xde tax.suke2 :D
so next,i and nadia go for window shopping..haha girls thing.yeah poor ed he juz follow us...haha...sorry ed!nex time kite pegi kedai lelaki plak ek :Phaha
ok next we go to game arcade n play some games becoz we got nuthin to do.boring ok!yeah the only thing that we used to do together is playing game.haha.
maen game kt bwh ni.lwn ngan ed i menang.yeay!!

ed with nadia

so after go back to UKM we sempat makan BigApple.Wahh i like..haha.Really2 love the alien Donut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so sedap!!!!!!!!and fill with a lot2 of we go for dinner at Village View and go back around 9++pm.huhu...

as usual random pics


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


last week my kolej buat event kt panggung seni selama 5 wit my team untuk biro siswi ktho ade bukak booth so we're reselling cupcakes from ggnyonges ada 2 theme which are sesame street and thanks to her :D.besides that ktaorg pn de jual fruit coctail nk recipe ask me thou!:P sgt la penat sbb everyday kene blk lewat utk tutup booth tu then baru bole bilik bilik.and siapkan assginment and so quite interesting la event tu.yang best perasmian sebab ade gimik and bunga api ,bom and so not bad la event cite banyak pun x here some pictures ;)