Tuesday, March 31, 2009


bz bz bz

mybe will not update for quite a long tyme

got lots of new pics

coming soon~

Monday, March 23, 2009


Sunday, March 22, 2009


venue:air balloon fiesta

location : putrajaya

actually semalam agak upset la coz xdapat nk capture banyak air balloon because sampai dekat putrajaya around 830am then semua balloon tu dah fly.so yang tinggal just satu ketui balloon .hmm nape kejap sangat photo op session tu :(

anyway enjoy the picta!!

random pics taken by me :D

p/s: position of 7th pic : baring...haha semangat !

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

and tis one is mee :D

my sister

haha terlebih senyum plak...:D :D :D

photo hunt ;)

at faculty of science

at faculty of science

along the way of faculty of islam

photo hunt wit abah at taman burung
actually tu anak ayam

yeah same too ;)

tis also;)

Friday, March 13, 2009

tag ing ing ing v2

tag by tqah

so let's complete this one :)

List the rules in your blog

hmm rules??

-1-for those who had visited my blog please link yours too ok?
-2-need comments so that i can improve
-3-give any suggestion
-4- be open minded
-5-please share sumthing that do you think you know more about something more than i do
-6-read at your own risk

Tell 6 unspecular quirks of yours

bout me??hmm

-1-mata saya 'stim' haha ...hard for me to take picture becoz my mata always tutup je!
-2- to do sumthing different than anyone else
-3- to wear tshirts & jeans only!
-4-i can be very very bad person and i also can be the best buddy that u never had!
-5-can't drink nesfcafe but i've to if nk stay up
-6- my b :D :D :D

Share 7 facts about urself

-1-hmm hearts; chocolates especially sneakers becoz i've been eat that chocolate since i was a kid
-2-dun make me mad...then you better watch out! (haha...takut x? :P)
-3- to cry ;( (penangis..haha ade ke word tu??)
-4-very very sensitive ;(
-5- arts :D
-6- sh00ping (urmm but tak suke guna duit sendiri...huhu can someone blanje me??~~)
-7-hard to learn me ;)

hot pics...ahaha

got nuthin to say

juz pictures describe it all

Friday, March 6, 2009

bebel je

testing 1000 1001 10002 eh2 terlebih plak..huhu

haha usually i used black or white color font

so this time im just playing around with the colors

huhu....actually tak suke pakai font colorful nie...

ok stop membebel!!


im out!!

p/s: setelah sekian lame berbloging bru tau nk tukar font color kat compose usually guna kt edit html.haha....malu je!xpe2 satu perubahan yang baek!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

friends or foes??

friends it easy to call friends when you are happy
instead its hard to call friends when you are sad
is it fair??
what does friends means to them?
i dun know what people think about their friends
is it fair when your friends 'pilih kasih' with other friends??
hey people if you do that better dun have many friends lar..
is it fair when your friends have been together with you more
closed with the other friends of you?
is it fair when your friends have some extra in what so ever condition and then ignore you and let you alone without feeling any disregard ?
ouh shit...i hate friends like that
those people who treat friends well they will make sure to be such a good friends to you and even ignore themselves just to make sure you are fine and not be selfish like other people do!